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Your Council

Bramham Parish Council aims to ensure that our community continues to be an attractive and safe place in which to live.

Bramham in Bloom, flowerbeds

Bramham in Bloom, flowerbeds

A parish council is the level of elected government that is closest to the community, with the district authority (Leeds City Council) above it in the hierarchy. Parish councils have no true equivalent in urban areas. Being close to the community, parish councils are very often the first place people will go with concerns or ideas. For this reason they play a vital part in village life, making decisions on behalf of the people in the parish. A parish councillor must have a passion for making a difference within their local community, recognising the needs of the young and the elderly in equal measure while taking into consideration the legal boundaries in which they work.

The number of councillors making up a parish council varies with the size of the parish – in Bramham we have nine. They are elected to serve for a period of four years and the last election took place in May 2011. Their work is entirely voluntary; no Councillor receives any payment for attending the meetings.

Details of the current Councillors, and their Clerk, are included below. If you would like to know more information about how and why Parish Councils operate, and what powers they have, or you are interested in becoming a Councillor, please click here.

The Councillors and the Council Clerk

Councillor Whitbread

Councillor Whitbread

Val Whitbread

Being on the Council is an opportunity to give something to the village and I am involved in most of its work, including communications, neighbourhood plan, the annual newsletter, and the Community Conference. It’s hard work, but the positive feedback makes it worthwhile.

25 Firbeck Road, Bramham, LS23 6NE

Tel. 01937 541075

Keith Langley, Clerk to the Parish Council

Keith Langley, Clerk to the Parish Council

Keith Langley

Clerk to the Council

When the job was first advertised, I came to a Parish Council meeting in order to make an informed decision before applying. I was made so welcome by Val (Chair) and the other councillors and clerk that I immediately felt part of a team. Since becoming clerk I have had messages of encouragement and support from other Bramham residents. A beautiful village with warm and friendly people, a Parish Council to match and a brilliant Chair, why would I clerk for anybody else!

33 Flats Lane, Barwick in Elmet, Leeds, LS15 4LJ

Tel. 0747 116 2307

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Councillor Hopps

Councillor Hopps

David Hopps

It was a great pleasure to be co-opted onto Bramham Parish Council at the start of 2018. I have lived in the village since 2001, but frustratingly my professional life made it difficult to get involved as much as I wanted. Now with things settling down a little and my family grown-up I finally have an opportunity to give something back. We are blessed that Bramham has a great sense of community and I’m eager to take the chance to contribute to it. For my sins, I was born and raised in Thorner and committed many happy years trying to lift the fortunes of Thorner Mexborough Cricket Club. I’d love as many people in Bramham as possible to gain similar contentment from an active contribution to village life.

Tel: 07770 543151

Address: Orchard House, Folly Lane, Bramham, LS23 6RZ

Councillor Halliday

Councillor Halliday

June Halliday

I’ve lived in Bramham for 22 years now. I am involved in the Bramham drama group and enjoy spending my spare time on my allotment. Since being elected as councillor in May 2011 I have been involved with the children’s playground, and representing the council on the Village Hall committee.

66 Lyndon Road, Bramham, LS23 6RH

Tel. 01937 918 939

Councillor Race

Councillor Race

Katie Race

I moved to Bramham 3 and a half years ago having spent the previous 7 years in Birmingham. I had visited the village many times and wanted to be part of a thriving community. I believe that in the virtual world we often find ourselves in today,  communities are more important than ever and I look forward to being thoroughly involved in a wide range of aspects of Bramham life.

Tel No: 07792819612



Councillor Heaton

Councillor Heaton

Belinda Heaton

I have lived in Bramham for nearly 17 years, longer than any other place in my adult life. I love the village and am delighted to become part of the council and hope to make a positive contribution. 

The Old Shop, Front Street, Bramham, LS23 6RD

Tel: 01937845488  Mobile Telephone: 07940799554

Helena Buck

Tel No: 01937 849757

Councillor Richards

Councillor Richards

Linda Richards


As a long term resident of Bramham, 28 years, I value the community in which we live, with all the various activities which take place.  I know this is only achieved through the work and involvement of as many people as possible, so I am pleased to help in whatever way I can. I have seen many positive changes in Bramham and through my involvement with the Village Hall and the Neighbourhood planning Committee , as well as my allotment, I hope to be able to be involved in the continued positive development of Bramham.

Address: Stone Cottage, Tenter Hill, Bramham, LS236QZ

Tel 01937 842151

Pam Corrigan

Councillor Dunn

Councillor Dunn

Pete Dunn


I have lived in Bramham for over 23 years and, having left a long career in the civil service behind me, I find myself with more time to be a better neighbour and help out in the local community. I already volunteer for Martin House and WISE and, as part of the parish council team, I hope to make a positive contribution to the well-being of the village and its future development.

Tel No: 01937 843345 Address: 65 Lyndon Road, Bramham, LS23 6RH

Councillors’ responsibilities

Cllrs take on various responsibilities within the Council, these are:

Council reps 2018-19

Chair                                                  Cllr Richards

Vice Chairman:                                  Cllr Dunn

Employment                                      Chair, Cllr Buck and Cllr Halliday

Finance committee                           Cllrs Dunn, Buck & Halliday

Cheque signatories                           Cllrs; Whitbread, Race and Richards                        

Leeds Festival                                    Cllrs Halliday, Race and Richards                                                    

Planning Working Party & Environmental Issues Cllrs Buck, Dunn, Richards & Whitbread  

Allotments                                         Cllrs.  Buck and Richards

Archives                                              Chair & Clerk

Bramham’s Senior Citizen Centre    Chair, Cllr Whitbread and Cllr Dunn

WiSE Liaison                                      Cllr Dunn

Bramham Community Fund             Chair, Vice-Chair

Community Group Liaison                Cllr Richards & Whitbread                

Harewood/Wetherby Forum              Cllr Buck or the Clerk

Liaison with School                            Cllrs Whitbread and Pirie

Play area                                              Cllr. Corrigan                                                                                                                      

Village Hall liaison                             Cllrs. Halliday and Richards

YLCA                                                    Chair


Pavilion                                               Cllr Whitbread and Cllr Hopps

Adult Gym                                           Mr Pirie

Bramham is a Parish with Leeds City Council as its principal authority. Leeds has responsibility for many of the services in the village, such as highways, education, planning and recreation. To access the Leeds City Council website, click here.

A Register of Interests and Declarations for the elected members of Bramham Parish Council can be found on the Leeds City Council website.