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Fix My Street

Alison Mackie

Have you spotted a pothole, fly tipping, litter or graffiti and want to do something about it?

FixMyStreet is a website through which residents can report potholes, broken street lights, graffiti and similar problems with streets and roads to Leeds City Council and also see what reports have already been made.

To report a problem log onto and put in your postcode and click to report .

Thank you for helping us to support keeping Bramham safe and clean

Bramham Parish Council

Bramham Bottle Bank

Bramham Parish Council

Sadly our bottle bank was set alight and was burnt to the ground. This has now been replaced thank you to Leeds City Council

Can we please ask that residents do not leave their empty carriers and boxes in this area of our village and keep it clean and tidy. 

Many thanks for your cooperation

Bramham Parish Council

If you want faster broadband you will have to take some action!

Bramham Parish Council

Bramham are on the programme for upgraded broadband for 2014, subject to survey, but we still need as many residents as possible to register, numbers at the moment are disappointingly low compared to surrounding towns and villages.

The Parish Council alone cannot make this happen so please register now on

We are also finding out more information about other possible causes of slow speeds in parts of the village and will keep you informed.

Bramham Parish Council



Bin Collection Changes .... please read!

Alison Mackie

Leeds City Council have put a letter through everybody’s door advising that there will shortly be a change to our bin collections.

Alternate black/green bin collection will commence week beginning 18 Nov and Bramham collection day will change to Wednesday wef 20 November.

Please refer to for further information

Bramham Parish Council 

Sprinkle poppies in Bramham to mark The Centenary

Alison Mackie


“The old contemptibles” website about a wonderful poppy pledge idea to mark the centenary of the great war…

One small but very easy way you can play a part in the upcoming Centenary of the Great War is by taking the Poppy Pledge. It is very simple: all you have to do is sprinkle some poppy seeds. If every one takes one or two packets of seeds and sprinkles them anywhere. Your local park, outside the front of your house, in your garden, at school, at work, anywhere they can be seen. As a reminder of all the servicemen and women who lost their lives in the Great War and all conflicts since. It is an act that will serve as your personal act of remembrance and will serve as a permanent reminder that we have not and will not forget the sacrifices of our servicemen and women.

With the impending centenary that is just over a year away much is being organised to mark the 100 year anniversary of the outbreak of World War One. No matter what events are organised and no matter how grand or expensive these events may be, nothing will ever eclipse or better the ultimate symbol of remembrance. 

How do I know what poppy seeds to plant?

Papaver rhoeas - Red Field Poppy Corn Poppy, Field Poppy, Flanders Poppy, or Red Poppy Single red flowers - the common field poppy. Once a common sight in cornfields, this brilliant red field poppy is perfect for a sunny wildflower garden or meadow, where it will self-seed freely. The four petals are vivid red, most commonly with a black spot at their base. It is a variable annual plant that can germinate when the soil is disturbed. The corn poppy has become associated with wartime remembrance in the 20th century, especially during Remembrance day.

To read more follow this link

To buy a packet of seeds click here

Alison Mackie



Proposed Housing Development - we need to know what you think?

Keith Innocent

Proposed Housing Development Meeting

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering committee recently issued a ‘doordrop’ to get your views on Leeds City Council’s proposed development sites for housing development, retail, employment and green space, including a potential site of 3,000 houses at Spen Common Lane.

We did not receive as many responses as we would have hoped for, but of the responses we received, the vast majority oppose the Spen Common Lane site, and we therefore sought Parish Council approval to formally oppose the site. This has been given.

You can still let us know your views either via the website, or by contacting me (e-mail link below).

Keith Innocent

Chairman Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee


Family Walks Round Bramham

Neil Ferres

 A book about walks round Bramham was produced in 2006 following requests in the 2005 Village Plan. All copies of the book were sold and is no longer available and we have therefore put the book online for everyone to access.

All the walks start and finish in “The Square” for the ease of residents and visitors.

Click here to browse the book

It was never intended to be a “regimented” walk book of left, right, straight on, etc but to provide a bit of history of the surrounding area and hopefully make the journey more enjoyable and interesting.

All I would say is that if you enjoy the book perhaps you would consider putting a small contribution in the Bramham In Bloom Collection Jar in the Village Stores

Here is the article from the Wetherby News below from when the book was launched…

Happy Walking

Ernest Nichols

Chairman Bramham in Bloom

July 2013


Bramham in Bloom Brochure

Neil Ferres


Image courtesy of Martin Batt

To all residents of Bramham and supporters of Bramham in Bloom …

We have said many times in the Parish Magazine that any award from Yorkshire in Bloom is for the Village as a Whole and not just Bramham in Bloom. We are pleased to let you know that our brochure is now available online for everyone to read

Click here to view

We prepare this brochure to in effect “sell” the Village to the Judges but have to stick to the guidelines given by Yorkshire in Bloom.

If you look at the back of the brochure this shows the various guidelines that have to be met, a bit boring, but it does give a taste of what is being looked at and judged.

The rest of the brochure gives some history of the Village and shows the changes that have been made over the years. Two brochures are provided, one for Spring, and the other for Summer. This year however there was no Spring judging due to the effect of the severe winter on the plants.

I hope you enjoy browsing

Ernest Nichols

Chairman Bramham in Bloom


July 2013

Free Fire Safety Check for ALL Bramham Residents

Bramham Parish Council


All residents of Bramham have been offered a free home fire safety check from the fire crew at wetherby.

It involves approx 30 minute informal chat in the owners home discussing home fire safety, ensuring they have maintained working smoke alarms , are reducing their risk of fire in the home, free smoke alarms if required and general good advice on being safe in the home.

Contact Derek Milne on 01937 582222 or 07432126243 or email 


Blue Watch Commander Derek Milne ,

Wetherby Fire Station, Walton Road,



Good News - Bramham roads to be resurfaced!

Alison Mackie

Low Way Bramham

Low Way and Bowcliffe Road to be Resurfaced

Following residents requests for roads to be resurfaced we are pleased to let you know that works on Low Way is scheduled to start on the 11th of March and Bowcliffe Road will be resurfaced next year. Thank-you to Cllr Gerald Wilkinson for persuing this on behalf of Bramham Parish Council. Residents affected by the works will be receiving letters shortly. Thank-you to the residents who brought this to our attention. 

Bramham Parish Council

Bramham escapes the floods.... this time

Martin Batt

Image: Flooding in the wildlife area

Environment Agency staff were hard at work on the beck at 4am on Sunday, clearing the new debris screen that keeps the bridge culverts open. Still, there was a lot of water flowing down the watercourse.  

If you live near the beck, make sure you subscribe to the EA Floodline telephone and text message warning system.  It might save you and your possessions from coming to grief….!

Image: Flooding in the beck