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If you want faster broadband you will have to take some action!

Bramham Parish Council

Bramham are on the programme for upgraded broadband for 2014, subject to survey, but we still need as many residents as possible to register, numbers at the moment are disappointingly low compared to surrounding towns and villages.

The Parish Council alone cannot make this happen so please register now on

We are also finding out more information about other possible causes of slow speeds in parts of the village and will keep you informed.

Bramham Parish Council



An update on superfast broadband? Have you registered yet?

Alison Mackie

Superfast West Yorkshire have provided the parish council with a document to update us on their project…

Click here to read the full report

As you will read those who shout the loudest will get prority so we have to rally the troups!! Please take just 2 minutes to register on the superfast broadband website to make sure we are not last in the queue! And please pass this on to your friends and neighbours too.

Click below to be taken directly to the website and register your details:

Website : Superfast West Yorkshire