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5000 new homes in the Bramham Parish ... read the full report

Keith Innocent

Following the open meeting we had in the Village Hall with Alec Shelbrooke MP and Cllr John Proctor in attendence a report was sent to the Wetherby News but unfortunately it was edited. We are pleased to share with you the full text of the submission to the paper the fully reflects the outcomes of the meeting and the current position. 


A major development of new homes could be planned for an area to the south of Bramham.

Bramham Parish Councillor and Chairman of the Bramham Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, Keith Innocent called a meeting which was held in the Village Hall and where Bramham villagers were invited to attend to hear what was going on and to find out more about these plans.

Following various articles in the Wetherby News and as a result of a local questionnaire, the meeting was held to discuss the possible site allocation. The local MP Alec Shelbrooke and Ward Councillor John Proctor were invited to put their views across as well.

The Bramham group are concerned that our MP and Ward Councillors have not consulted directly with the Village about the University of Leeds land at Headley Hall, on which a development of up to 5,000 houses is proposed, but have encouraged other local villages to support it to avoid development in their own parishes. Also a Conservative Party leaflet issued earlier this year depicting our MP and Ward Councillors at the site would appear to demonstrate early involvement.

This meeting presented the opportunity to answer these concerns and indeed it was clear that the MP and the Ward Councillors of both Wetherby and Harewood Wards are in favour of this site and gave a lot of reasons for supporting it, which were mainly to prevent smaller developments being given planning permission scattered across the area of the Outer North East Leeds region which includes Bramham.

The Site Allocation process recently had its first public consultation and Bramham Neighbourhood Plan Steering group sent out a leaflet to all residents asking them to complete the consultation questionnaire to put forward their views. Residents were also asked to send the information to the Steering Group so the local views could be monitored. The vast majority of replies received were against the proposal on the basis of the loss of Green Belt, loss of valuable farmland and the impact on the environment including wildlife.

The Bramham Steering Group also contacted Tadcaster Town Council, Samuel Smith Brewery and The Battlefield Trust to let them know what was happening and to seek their involvement. The Battlefield Trust are strongly against development which would affect a battlefield site and alongside English Heritage have sent in objections to Leeds City Council.

The Steering Group will be meeting again soon to discuss this matter and whilst we received some responses to our leaflet, we very much need to hear from more Bramham residents. Residents can find out more by clicking on this link to the neighbourhood plan website and can contact us to rpovide comments and feedback via this link

Proposed Housing Development - we need to know what you think?

Keith Innocent

Proposed Housing Development Meeting

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering committee recently issued a ‘doordrop’ to get your views on Leeds City Council’s proposed development sites for housing development, retail, employment and green space, including a potential site of 3,000 houses at Spen Common Lane.

We did not receive as many responses as we would have hoped for, but of the responses we received, the vast majority oppose the Spen Common Lane site, and we therefore sought Parish Council approval to formally oppose the site. This has been given.

You can still let us know your views either via the website, or by contacting me (e-mail link below).

Keith Innocent

Chairman Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee


Parish News for February

Alison Mackie

To all Bramham residents

Here is the monthly update from our February meeting….

Festival Tickets: A meeting has taken place with Festival Republic to discuss the ticket allocation for 2013 and full details of the application process will be included in the next magazine and on our website. We will be introducing some enhancements to the ticket allocations this year and we will put full details on our website as soon as all the details are finalised. Festival Republic have advised that again this year they will be ensuring the terms of their premises license will be enforced and no alcohol for personal consumption can be taken through into the Guest Area, only into the Guest Camping Area. This is a decision by the festival organisers and not a parish council decision. We will be looking again at the extended bus timetable until 3am as this was well received by residents last year.

The Precept: Leeds City Council has confirmed that because of the introduction by the Government of the new council tax support system, our 2013/14 tax base has been reduced to 712 band D equivalent properties.  Although the Parish Council has NOT asked for an increase in the precept that is currently £20,000, this will nevertheless mean a band D precept charge of £28.09. This represents a small increase on the 12/13 charge that is currently £27.32. Leeds City Council proposes to pass on funding to the parish council of £1,152 on top of, and separate to, the precept. This funding is meant to compensate parish councils for the reduction in their tax base.

Bramham Primary School: Our chairman recently spent some time at our village primary school and was made very welcome by all the children and teachers and enjoyed looking at all the wonderful work and projects that the children are engaged in. The Parish Council are keen to see the village school prosper and wants to encourage all parents considering which school for their children to attend to spend sometime at our local village school before making that decision. The Parish Council is committed to supporting the school in anyway it can in the future and is keen to establish a relationship with the teachers and head to work together on promoting this village asset.

Pavilion: We have included a separate communication with regards to the pavilion in this magazine and the article has been placed on the website Following conversations with village residents the council made a decision not to door drop every house in the village as there is no new information to share. However there is some suggestion that there were things the parish council were not telling you and we want to assure you that is not the case.  We have included this article to bring together all the information we have to hopefully clarify the current position and get rid of any misunderstandings.

Tour De France 5th and 6th July 2014: The Parish Council are looking for ideas for the village to celebrate the Tour De France coming to Yorkshire in 2014. Cycling event to include families and children, a street party, a charity bike challenge, street flags and screening of the event have all been suggested. The NSPCC are looking at a French style party on the Saturday evening in The Village Hall. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions or would like to help organise the weekends events please contact our clerk.

Neighbourhood Plan: We are still waiting for more news on the Site Allocation in the Parish. As soon as we know this we can take steps to finalise the Neighbourhood Plan. The group will be meeting in the next month or so and we can report back to the Parish in due course.

Traffic Speed Limits: Our request to Leeds City Council to reduce the speed limit by the school has been turned down on the basis of it is not a priority. We are not accepting the response and are going to be working with the school and Clifford Parish Council on a joint effort to challenge this. It has been suggested that it is the cost of the signage that is the issue as Leeds City Council do not have the funds available. The council are looking into this to understand the costs and what funds would be required to make this happen.

Old Peoples Shelter: All ideas put forward for renaming the shelter will be considered at the next Parish Meeting.

West Yorkshire Metro: We understand that ten Sunday evening journeys on the Wetherby - Leeds routes X99 and 770 are threatened. There is a petition which is currently in the Wetherby Whaler and Save The Children in Wetherby, that you may want to sign to try and stop these cuts.

Potholes, Fly Tipping, Street Lights etc! A reminder that if you notice something in the village that needs fixing you can report problems directly online at

Next Meeting: The next Council meeting will be on Wednesday 6th March, 7.30 pm at The Village Hall. Residents are welcome to join us and to talk to us about any ideas and suggestions you have to improve our village

We hope you find this update useful. If you would like to read more detailed information about items discussed the minutes of the meeting can be found on our parish notice board and on our website


Marie Lynch, Council Clerk


Address: 1 Fossards Close, Bramham, LS23 6WD