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Closure of Headley Lane Update

Bramham Parish Council

Below are copied of correspondence re Headley Lane road closure from 7th April 2014 to 4th October 2015. A representative from National Grid will be attending the next parish council meeting on the 4th June so please come along if you have any questions.


National Grid : freephone: 0808 168 7590 or email 

Latest Correspondence

Dear Marie,

Thanks for getting in touch again regarding the Knaresborough to Bramham Overhead Line project and for drawing this matter to our attention.

The initial work taking place at the moment involves constructing access points to the areas where the new pylons will be constructed. Our contractors are working closely with their suppliers, who have all been advised of the roads and lanes they are to avoid and, in turn, have  fully briefed their drivers.  The yellow ‘No Construction Access’ signs are also being used as reminders for those travelling to and from the site.

As a result of your feedback, our project team will monitor the use of the roads you mention over the coming days to ensure that suppliers are not using these routes in error.

I also want to clarify the arrangements regarding the closure of Headley Lane, as we have received enquiries regarding when this will be available for use by the community.  As clerk to Bramham Parish Council, I would be grateful if you could relay this information to your members.

The temporary closure is necessary to enable works to take place and ensure the safety of those who may use Headley Lane.  We are committed to undertaking this project with as little disruption as possible to the local community, however safety is paramount and we take our duty of care seriously.  

We have had to apply for a blanket closure of the lane throughout the project due to the nature of the work and the ongoing access that will be required.  Although we have permission to enforce a complete closure of the lane, we understand members of the community will want to use it.  Therefore when the footpath is not required for construction activities, it will be open for public use.  This is likely to include evenings after 6pm, weekends and bank holidays.  

When construction activities are taking place there will either be a barrier erected to prevent access, or contractors will be on hand to stop users from entering the lane.  When there are no obvious signs of activity or no barriers  in place, the lane will be open for public use.  Again, this is purely to ensure that users are not endangered by work being carried out.

We are keen to ensure that members of the community are kept updated and informed about this project and I would be grateful if you pass the contact details of our Community Relations Team on to anyone who has an enquiry about our work in the area.  The team can be reached on 0808 168 7590 or by email to  You can get in touch by post by writing to: FREEPOST RSKS-SBBE-LHHZ, National Grid Community Relations, Hanover House, 30-32 Charlotte St, Manchester, M1 4FD.                  

I hope you find this information useful and I look forward to meeting parish councillors at the meeting on 4th June.  Please do not hesitate to get in touch should you require any further help between now and then. 

Best wishes,

Mark Brennan 

Original Letter Received:

Dear  Sir / Madam
Balfour Beatty Utility Solutions working on behalf of National Grid are due to undertake major over head line engineering works on the PHG transmission line situated on Headley Lane Bramham.  As part of the process Leeds City Council have stipulated you are to be notified, and provided your contact details.
It is a requirement of the scheme on the grounds of Health and Safety to temporarily close a section of Headley Lane for a period of 18 months.  The anticipated closure period to start on 7th April 2014.
Headley Lane, being a No Through Road, is to be the only access and egress for works in this immediate area. Restricted access will be allowable to all farmers, tenants and landowners requiring access to land leading off Headley Lane and all are aware of the scheme.  
The nature of the works will necessitate heavy goods vehicle movements via Headley Lane.  On that basis, and on the grounds of Health and Safety, any possible interaction between members  of the public and construction traffic has to be removed.  Hence therefore, the necessity to temporarily close a section of Headley Lane.
The closure points are to be at the junction of Aberford Road Bramham to a point heading East where Headley Lane becomes more of a path than Lane.  A short section of public footpath Bramham 11 will also be closed with a diversion route available.
I do trust you appreciate the requirement for the temporary closure.
Should you have any questions or queries regarding the closure, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Daniel Bold   
Daniel Bold
Wayleave Warden
Balfour Beatty
Power T&D - Services Division
Electricity Alliance East.
Wetherby Business Centre,
14-18 York Road,
LS22 6SL
Mobile: 07805 301816 


Police Roadshow

Bramham Parish Council

Image courtesy of www.stockwellnews.comA Police Roadshow will take place at Deepdale Community Centre in Boston Spa on Saturday the 15th of February.

All residents welcome to pop along to meet the police, seek advice, free bike tagging and goody bags.

Click here for full details

Please do pop along and support the event

Bramham Parish Council

Contact information for the police

Bramham Parish Council

Notice to all residents:

Please make note of the following phone numbers in case you need to make contact with the police to report any incidents:

  • 999 - For Emergencies
  • 101 - For Quick Response but not ann emergency
  • 0113 2855374 / 07786 200814 - For all non urgent matters
  • 07786 200815 or text phone 18001 101 - for people who are deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired

Please help our local police to fight crime in our area by reporting any incidents

Bramham Parish Council

Listening to You First ... Police and Crime ... What matters to you?

Bramham Parish Council

Dear Residents

Last year I carried out an extensive consultation, Listening to You First, on your priorities for my first Police and Crime Plan 2013-18 that sets the strategic direction for policing and community safety across West Yorkshire.

Many of you responded with important views and your concerns are reflected in the Police and Crime Plan, most specifically in the priorities and in the commitments that I have made to you as your Police and Crime Commissioner.

This year I will be refreshing the Police and Crime Plan and setting the budget for 2014/15 and once again want to make sure that you have the opportunity to tell me what matters to you in your community.

I would be grateful if you could spare some time to complete this survey and encourage your colleagues, friends and family to do the same. I want to make sure the Police and Crime Plan continues to reflect your priorities. The questionnaire can be found online, please use the link below.

The closing date for responses is Sunday 8 December 2013

Let’s make these decisions together to make sure that all of our communities are safer and feel safer.

Kind Regards

Mark Burns-Williamson OBE

Police and Crime Commissioner for West Yorkshire

Ploughland House

62 George Street

Wakefield  WF1 1DL

Tel No: 01924 294000


Protect your home ... Free Locks Check by Wetherby Police

Bramham Parish Council

Wetherby Police are offering free lock checks and they are urging householders to take advantage of Wetherby and District Crime Prevention team’s UPVC door lock replacement program.

If your door locks are not up to the current required standard. You will be asked if the Wetherby Crime Panel may call and discuss the replacement service the Crime Panel are carrying out. The replacement locks cost £37.50p each and usually only take minutes to change.

Anyone interested in having a free police survey should contact Wetherby NPT on 0113 285 5374 and leave contact details or Wetherby Police Station Monday to Saturday 10.30am-4pm.