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Bramham's Community Fund

Bramham Parish Council


Community Fund Question Time 7.30pm Wednesday 1st October

Nick Lane Fox has kindly agreed to come to the parish council meeting on Wednesday the 1st of October to talk about the community fund and answer any resident questions of which he is the chair. Please pop along to the village hall at 7.30pm to find out more about this fund and how the funds are distributed to village projects. 

Bramham Parish Council

Junior Drama Workshops commencing 28th April

Christine Suddaby

The drama group are pleased to announce that they will be running a series of Junior Drama Workshops at the Village Hall on the following dates:

  • Monday, 28th April,
  • Mon, 12th May,
  • Mon, 2nd June, Mon, 16th Jun, Mon, 30th Jun,
  • Mon, 14th July.

The workshops will be held at 4.30pm to 6pm and are open to all children between the ages of 7 yrs to 14yrs.

A charge of £3 per child/£5 (for two or more children) will be payable.

Children do not have to sign up for all the dates.

We aim to teach the children the basics of stagecraft through speech, music and movement through fun and enjoyable activities.

The sessions will be run by Matt Suddaby (better known as the pantomime dame), Gerry Taylor & Jen Beaumont with additional help from adult drama group members.

For more information, please contact

Matt Suddaby: 07784 018680 or

Gerry Taylor: 07817 849556

We look forward to seeing lots of juniors attend

Bramham Drama Group


Bramham's very own scarecrow trail ....Sunday 22nd June 2014

Lin Tritschler

Le Grand Depart Bramham Celebrates with a SCARECROW TRAIL on Sunday 22nd June

We are looking forward to lots of homes creating a trail of scarecrows around the village for everyone to enjoy

ANYTHING GOES- A French Theme, A Cycling theme, A Yorkshire Theme. BE CREATIVE

All you need to do is, make a scarecrow, stick it in your garden, by your front door or any prominent position any day in the couple of weeks leading up to the big event ……it’s as easy (and as much fun) as that.

For more ideas about how to make your scarecrow, look on the following websites

Thank you to the Yorkshire Countrywomen for their offer to serve refreshments on the day.

On behalf of Bramham NSPCC

Parish Council update on the Pavilion and lease of the Playing Field

Val Whitbread

Very understandably, many residents have asked why the Pavilion has still not been completed and brought into use.

Last year, solicitors acting for the Bramham Sports and Leisure Association set out its claim to have a legal interest in the playing fields and the Pavilion that effectively gives it full control of both.  The claim is based on a draft of a lease produced in October 2008 (before the BSLA came into existence) but never completed and which is invalid.

Although the Council’s own legal advice was that there was no basis for the BSLA’s claim, in April 2013 the Council offered to grant it a 30 year lease.  This lease would have been very similar to the 2008 draft lease, in that the rent would be £1 a year, with both the Council and the BSLA having the right to end the lease earlier if they chose, but limiting the BSLA’s use of the playing fields and the Pavilion to that of recreational facility primarily for residents.

The BSLA’s solicitors did not reply to this offer until September 2013 when they requested some amendments to the draft.   In response, the Council’s solicitors offered certain concessions, but by 8 November 2013 the BSLA’s solicitors had still not replied.  Accordingly, on that day the Council’s solicitors told the BSLA’s solicitors that if the BSLA had not accepted the proposed lease by 6 December 2013, there would no further negotiations.

On 5th December 2013 – that is, one day before the deadline set by the Council - the BSLA’s solicitors wrote back rejecting the Council’s proposed lease.  Instead, and whilst continuing to maintain its claim to a legal interest in the playing fields and the Pavilion, the BSLA have asked the Council to grant it a lease which would still at be at a rent of £1 a year, but for 99 years, with no right to end the lease earlier, and with no limits on the BSLA’s use of the playing fields and Pavilion. 

A lease in these terms would be the equivalent of giving the playing fields and the Pavilion to the BSLA for nothing for the BSLA to do whatever it wishes with them.  The Council cannot do this in any case, as the Local Government Act 1972 requires it to obtain best value on the disposal of any asset.  However, the Council’s primary aim is for the playing fields and Pavilion to be completed as soon as possible, so that they can then be run by a party working in partnership with the Council for the benefit of the whole community.  The Council has reluctantly been forced to conclude from the BSLA’s stance that it does not share this aim.   

The present position is that if the BSLA is to retain any chance of arguing its claim to the control of the playing fields and the Pavilion, it must bring court proceedings by 30 May 2014.  If it does not, the Council will then take control of both and can then proceed to complete all outstanding works with a view to bringing them into full use as quickly as possible.  If the BSLA does bring court proceedings, the Council will defend them, and has been advised that its prospects of doing so successfully are very high.

The Parish Council would like to reassure residents that it is committed to protecting the playing fields as an extremely valuable asset and important village amenity and delivering a completed Pavilion. 

Bramham Parish Council


Funding available for activities for Children and Young People

Bramham Parish Council

Image courtesy of www.schoolsoutclub.comA funding opportunity has been launched by Leeds City Council to deliver activities for Children & Young people aged 8-17 in Outer North East Leeds for 2014/15.

The activities fund is for activities offering opportunities for play, arts, sport and cultural activities enabling young people aged 8 - 17 to play, have fun, get creative, and have new experiences both after school and during the school holidays.
The funding is available for projects running anytime during the year from 1 April 2014 until 30 March 2015.
Anyone wishing to deliver activities up to and including the summer school holiday period should apply by 5pm on Friday 28th February 2014. Further funding rounds may be available later in the year depending upon the availability of funds. 

Guidance notes can be downloaded here and an application form by clicking here.

Forms should be returned to:

Contact information for the police

Bramham Parish Council

Notice to all residents:

Please make note of the following phone numbers in case you need to make contact with the police to report any incidents:

  • 999 - For Emergencies
  • 101 - For Quick Response but not ann emergency
  • 0113 2855374 / 07786 200814 - For all non urgent matters
  • 07786 200815 or text phone 18001 101 - for people who are deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired

Please help our local police to fight crime in our area by reporting any incidents

Bramham Parish Council

Bramham Park Circular Walk

Alison Mackie

A new circular walk around the grounds of Bramham Park opened last year. This was a project led by Councillor Martin Batt and completed with the help of Nick Lane Fox from Bramham Park and Yorkshire Wildlife Trust. Please click below to download a detailled description of the walk and maps to show you round the route:

Detailled description click here

Map of the walk click here

Satellite Map click here

The route takes you around trails and paths through the park, through stiles and across fields so heavy walking boots are required.

We hope you enjoy exploring the park and seeing all the wonderful wildlife

Bramham Parish Council

Bin Collection Changes .... please read!

Alison Mackie

Leeds City Council have put a letter through everybody’s door advising that there will shortly be a change to our bin collections.

Alternate black/green bin collection will commence week beginning 18 Nov and Bramham collection day will change to Wednesday wef 20 November.

Please refer to for further information

Bramham Parish Council 

Listening to You First ... Police and Crime ... What matters to you?

Bramham Parish Council

Dear Residents

Last year I carried out an extensive consultation, Listening to You First, on your priorities for my first Police and Crime Plan 2013-18 that sets the strategic direction for policing and community safety across West Yorkshire.

Many of you responded with important views and your concerns are reflected in the Police and Crime Plan, most specifically in the priorities and in the commitments that I have made to you as your Police and Crime Commissioner.

This year I will be refreshing the Police and Crime Plan and setting the budget for 2014/15 and once again want to make sure that you have the opportunity to tell me what matters to you in your community.

I would be grateful if you could spare some time to complete this survey and encourage your colleagues, friends and family to do the same. I want to make sure the Police and Crime Plan continues to reflect your priorities. The questionnaire can be found online, please use the link below.

The closing date for responses is Sunday 8 December 2013

Let’s make these decisions together to make sure that all of our communities are safer and feel safer.

Kind Regards

Mark Burns-Williamson OBE

Police and Crime Commissioner for West Yorkshire

Ploughland House

62 George Street

Wakefield  WF1 1DL

Tel No: 01924 294000


An update on superfast broadband? Have you registered yet?

Alison Mackie

Superfast West Yorkshire have provided the parish council with a document to update us on their project…

Click here to read the full report

As you will read those who shout the loudest will get prority so we have to rally the troups!! Please take just 2 minutes to register on the superfast broadband website to make sure we are not last in the queue! And please pass this on to your friends and neighbours too.

Click below to be taken directly to the website and register your details:

Website : Superfast West Yorkshire

Easter Weekend at Bramham Village Hall

Christine Suddaby

Easter Sunday Celebration

Bramham Village Hall has hosted a weekend of village events dressed in a marquee that transformed the hall into a magical setting. 

On Easter Saturday Nicola and Stephen Finkle of Low Way in Bramham transformed the village hall into a marquee venue and celebrated their marriage with 150 family and friends.

Village Hall dressed in a marquee for the wedding

Alison Mackie ( a member of Bramham parish council) came up with an idea to use the marquee to create a village event. The bride and groom kindly agreed to offer their marquee facility to the village community groups to put on an Easter Sunday celebration. Lisa Revolta from Bramham Discoverers took up the challenge to organise the event and pulled together teams from the church, the village hall and the NSPCC to put on the event that included afternoon tea, easter egg hunt in the church yard, face painting, easter quiz and easter bonnet parade judged by Nick and Rachel Lane Fox.

Reverend Stanley Menzies from All Saints Church in Bramham commented, “It was so lovely to see a wonderful traditional family event take place in our local village hall and bring together our community to celebrate easter sunday”.

Local residents enjoying afternoon tea 

The Village Hall is used for many events and with its brand new toilets and excellent catering facilities it is fast becoming a very popular event facility and has bookings for most weekends throughout the year. For more information, or to enquire about booking the hall, please contact, or on 07432 330972.



Leeds Festival Tickets

Keith Innocent

Photo courtesy of the Leeds Festival website


Applications are invited for residents to purchase Leeds Festival weekend tickets for 2013.

Please read the information below and follow the process to avoid any disappointment that may occur if your application is rejected.

The cost of a ticket is £42.00, which includes the use of a residents mini bus service. (Full information about this will be delivered with your tickets)

All residents of Bramham are eligible to apply for a ticket at £42 (this will be confirmed by the electoral role, if you are not on the electoral role please enclose further proof of residency which may be considered). This year residents will be able to nominate one additional residents ticket per household at the same price of £42.00 for a family member or friend who is not a resident of Bramham. These tickets will be distributed on a first come basis after the main residents tickets are all sold.

Additional resident tickets are also available (that allow access to the VIP area) at standard festival ticket price of £201.50. 

Children under the age of 13 at the time of the festival do NOT require tickets.

Cheques will be made payable to “Bramham Community Fund” with the name and address of main applicant on the reverse. IMPORTANT: Please make out separate cheques for residents tickets, nominated ticket and standard price tickets. The cheques will be banked within 14 days of receipt.

Please enclose a stamped address envelope to receive your letter of confirmation, applications without stamped addressed envelopes will still be counted but you will not receive a confirmation letter.

Closing date will be Friday 10st May and applicants will be informed within 21 days.

All tickets will be named and will not be transferable; applicants will require Photo ID when collecting wrist bands at the festival. Tickets will be hand delivered the week of the festival (Monday or Tuesday).

Please post or hand deliver application forms to

F Henderson, 19A Folly Lane, Bramham, LS23 6RZ


If there are any questions please feel free to contact Councillor Henderson who will either answer them or will make enquiries to festival republic to have them answered.

Application forms are available from the village shop or to download here


Bramham Community Groups all set to bring the new website to life!

Alison Mackie

Bramham Community Group Leaders

Last night, the Community Leaders of Bramham were educated by website creators Simon and Becky Zimmerman on posting news and photographs to share with our readers.

Over the coming days and weeks you will see the website come to life! If you have any news that you would like to share please contact the website administrator.

This is Bramham - welcome to our new website

Bramham Parish Council

We are really pleased to announce the launch of, the official website of Bramham Parish Council and a new online destination for news and information about all aspects of village life.

The website was commissioned at the start of the summer, with the aim of improving communication between the Council and residents of Bramham. The previous website had become quite full with content, and we felt it lacked the structure needed to make it easy for residents to navigate effectively. We also recognised that electronic forms of communication, like email and social media, continue to grow in importance and we didn’t want to be left behind. Whilst we remain committed to supporting our printed Parish Magazine, we felt that we needed to able to post news online, and share it in a number of ways.

So, it is to these ends that we have created this new website, complete with information about the Council and its members; details of Council meetings (which all members of the public are free to attend); minutes of previous meetings, and important documents like our financial accounts and Code of Conduct; a secure contact page, that allows streamlined correspondence with our Clerk (the first port of call for anyone who wants to communicate with the Council in writing); and, finally, this page, which will allow us to post the latest Council news, and provides you with the tools needed to search and share the content you are most interested in.

This website is also an attempt to consolidate information that has, historically, existed across a number of different websites, creating a somewhat confusing picture when you type ‘Bramham’ into a search engine, like Google. We hope that in time this website will become a first-stop-shop for anyone wanting to find out about village life; village history; our great facilities; thriving clubs and community groups; and the events and activities, many of them organised by residents, taking place throughout the year.

We have designed the new site so that anyone with a registered account, and the correct ‘permissions’, can add and update content. In the first instance, this is being made available to anyone who is involved in one of the many clubs and groups that are active in the village. Those individuals will be able to maintain their ‘Committees, Clubs & Groups’ page, and will be able to post new content to the News page. This will provide us with an opportunity to test out how this will work, and what value it will have for residents, and if it works we hope to open it out to everyone, creating an online hub with a community of contributors from across the village adding their content. Anyone who is interested in becoming a contributor should contact the Clerk.

If you experience any problems when using this website  you can report them to our developers here. They will look into them immediately.