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Community Christmas Lunch needs some Santa Helpers to Make it Happen ...we are meeting Monday 4th November


Community Christmas Lunch needs some Santa Helpers to Make it Happen ...we are meeting Monday 4th November

Alison Mackie


The summer holidays are almost over so it is time to start planning Bramham’s Community Christmas Lunch 2019!

 Santa is back at his keyboard and keen to get back to business!

 So….. it’s time to shake the elves from their rest, get them to slip on their pointy thinking caps and join together in organising this year’s event. The lunch was such a resounding success last year that Santa is not sure we can top it, but let’s give it a go!

We will be advertising the event and sending out invitations from early November, and we’ll be on the look-out for donations and sponsors for the meal…….but first we need to line up Santa’s little helpers to help out on Christmas Eve and/or Christmas Day.

On Christmas day we are looking for a few people to help out with the cooking and serving, meeting and greeting, ferrying to and fro, and generally entertaining the guests. And on Christmas Eve we would be grateful for help setting up and decorating the Hall, collecting supplies, and generally fetching and carrying. Already, the Parish Council have agreed to stump up a goodly sum for supplies. We have a couple of offers to help in the kitchen with the cooking, someone doing the table decorations and a donation from Bramham in Bloom. But we need a few more elves to make the event viable.

 A meeting of Santa’s helpers is being arranged for the first week in November, which all volunteers are invited to attend.

If you would like to help out again at this year’s Christmas Lunch event, in whatever capacity, or know somebody else who does, please let me know by e mailing All offers very kindly accepted!