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The Bramham Community Funds support Bramham Projects


The Bramham Community Funds support Bramham Projects

Alison Mackie


The Bramham Community Fund was created in 2003 to distribute the monies available to Bramham as a result of the Leeds Festival.  It was set up by the owners of Bramham Park and the promoter Festival Republic.  About two thirds of the money has come from donations made by residents obtaining heavily discounted tickets for the event and the other third is a donation from the promoter.  Every year, a committee under the chairmanship of Nick and Rachel Lane Fox and on which the Parish Council is represented, considers applications for grants from community organisations.  Since the Fund was set up, it has made grants of over £340,000.

The objective of the Fund is generally to support community projects and these must benefit the residents of Bramham.  The Fund does not support commercial activities or private individuals. 

The committee met on 6 March 2018 to consider grants to be made from the proceeds of the 2017 Festival.   Grants were made towards the following:

All Saints’ Church                  Project to repair/replace the organ                   £16000

Historic Asset                         Movement of Percy Cross to Bramham            £5170

Conservation Group                churchyard and repositioning of Battle of

                                                Bramham Moor sign

Bramham Parish Council        Fence and bollards to protect playing               £3500


Friends of Bramham               Community Outdoor Learning and                   £2773

School                                     Environment area

Bramham Parish Council        Overflow parking area for playing                  £2300


Community Action Group      Christmas lights for the village centre £1750

Bramham in Bloom                 Work in Senior Citizens’ garden                        £500

Local British Legion branch    Contribution to WWI centenary visit                  £300

Bramham Parish Council        Installation of donated bench                              £300

Yorkshire Countrywomen’s   Contribution to speaker support                        £250


Senior Citizens                        Monday Club                                                    £250

Consideration was also given to supporting the setting up of a Junior Parkrun. This requires further clarification from the applicant.  A further announcement will be made if this is successful.

The Fund also supports the shuttle bus between the village and the festival and the ticket administration costs.

It is expected that the committee will meet again in March 2019 to consider grants from the 2018 Festival.  An announcement will be made in the magazine nearer the date and any community organisation wishing to apply for a grant will be required to submit an application no later than 14 February 2019.

Colin Pool

Secretary to the Fund