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Drop in to chat to Local Police PCSO Friday 16th March at 6pm


Drop in to chat to Local Police PCSO Friday 16th March at 6pm

Alison Mackie



Security advice

Burglary residential crimes were higher than usual in both the Wetherby Ward and Harewood ward last month. Most of these were snapping the euro profile lock, gaining entry to the house and taking the cars. Here are some simple safety tips:

·         Have you got high hedges to the front of your property that may prevent someone from being seen if they are attempting to get into your home?

·         If you have gates within the perimeter do you use them and keep them closed and locked?

·         Is fencing in good condition and well maintained?  Are fencing panels fixed to the posts to prevent them from being removed or lifted from their position?

·         Are there any gaps in the perimeter that someone could simply walk through?

·         Do you have adequate external security lighting that illuminates your garden?  Is it in working order and sufficient for your needs?

·         Are your doors, windows and the frames they are fitted within in good condition or are they deteriorating?  If you are replacing doors and windows ensure that they meet the latest standards

·         Is any glass in doors and windows damaged in anyway?

·         Do you have adequate locks on ground floor and upper floor windows that are accessible?

·         Have you got a burglar alarm?  Does it work?  Do you set when leaving your home unoccupied and before you go to bed?

·         Have you got euro-cylinder locks on your doors?  If yes, do they meet the very latest standards – TS007 (3 star rating) or SS312 (Sold Secure Diamond Standard).

·         Do you leave items such as car keys, money, jewellery, mobile phones or laptops on view?  Would it be easy for an offender to look through your window and see such items on show or within reach of a letterbox or cat flap?

Emma Leighton

PCSO  187

Leeds District – Outer North East

Wetherby Police Station, Boston Road, Wetherby, LS22 5HA

External: 07525242378

To report a crime, please ring 101. Always dial 999 in an emergency.