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Lets work together and stop the dog poo offenders in our village


Lets work together and stop the dog poo offenders in our village

Alison Mackie


 Time to take action!!

Once again the Parish Council have had complaints about persistent dog fouling in our village, particularly on the playing field, football pitches and along streets close to the school.

Leeds City Council (LCC) has told us that people who fail to pick up after their dog has fouled are committing a criminal offence. If the owner can be identified LCC can issue a fixed penalty notice which is a fine of £75 or they can prosecute through the Magistrate’s Courts where the maximum fine upon conviction is £1,000.

Can you answer any of the following questions which will enable LCC to take action and/or patrol the area and issue a fixed penalty notice on the spot?

  • Do you see the same person walking their dog, at around the same time each day and failing to pick up?
  • Do you know where they live? Can you describe them and/or their dog?
  • If the dog owner was using a car, did you note the registration number?
  • Is the same dog roaming unattended each day and fouling whilst out alone? Do you know where it lives?

If you have any information as to who is committing these offences please contact LCC on 0113 2224406. You can also e-mail any information to Any information given will be treated and dealt with in the strictest confidence.

 No Excuses!!

Posters designed by local children are displayed all around our village to draw attention to the problem of dog fouling and the owners who do not clear up after their dogs. The Parish Council have arranged for extra bins to be provided at the entrance and exit to the playing field to help with the problem.

It’s a health risk to all our patrons and users of Bramham Pavilion and Playing Field, but especially children. There are some nasty diseases that can be caught from the bacteria and parasites excreted in dog faeces including roundworms (toxocariasis), hookworms, tapeworms, salmanellosis, campylobacteriosis, giardiasis and cryptosporidiosis.

 There really is no excuse!