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Neighbourhood Development Plan - please complete your questionnaire


Neighbourhood Development Plan - please complete your questionnaire

Alison Mackie



Bramham Parish Council recently dropped a questionnaire through all doors as it is undertaking a public consultation and would like to invite comments from organisations and individuals.

The Council has produced a Neighbourhood Development Plan that contains a vision for Bramham along with sets of themes, policies and objectives. The policies within the Plan seek to protect the character of Bramham, with policies guiding new development as well as protection policies relating to the green environment, built heritage and community facilities.

How to Comment

The Parish Council welcomes your comments. Comments should be submitted, preferably using this ‘Survey Monkey’ link or by completing the paper survey that was posted through all doors.

Completed forms may be returned in the free post envelope or handed in at Bramham Village Store and Post Office or at the 10th February 2018 drop-in event.

The deadline for comments is 5pm on Monday 12th February 2018. The Council cannot accept any late comments.

Following this consultation, the Plan will be amended and then submitted to Leeds City Council, as required, for a further consultation and independent examination. The Plan, if successful at examination, will then proceed to a local referendum. If the Plan receives a majority vote the City Council will adopt the Plan, which will then become part of the statutory development plan – the Local Plan – for the Leeds District. Any planning applications submitted within the parish boundary will be determined in accordance with this Plan

Availability of Documents

The proposed full Bramham cum Oglethorpe Neighbourhood Development Plan, supporting documents and evidence base can be viewed on the Bramham Neighbourhood Plan website at:

The Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA) can be viewed on the Bramham Neighbourhood Plan website at:

Hard copies of the consultation documents are also available for inspection at the following deposit locations:

  • The Pavilion Freely Lane  (Saturday mornings only from 6th January 2018, 10.00-11.00am)
  • Senior Citizens’ Centre – Front Street     (Between 10am and 4pm daily)
  • All Saints’ Church – Vicarage Lane           (During normal opening hours)
  • Medical Centre  – Clifford Road                  (During normal opening hours)
  • Bramham School  – Clifford Road               (By arrangement – contact 01937 843682)
  • Bramham Village Store and Post Office  – Front Street  (During normal working hours)
  • The Swan Public House  – Town Hill         (During normal opening hours)
  • Hard copies can also be viewed by contacting Paul Marshall on 01937 844767 or Val Whitbread on 01904 541075.
  • In addition, The Parish Council will be holding a public drop-in session on Saturday 10th February 2018 at Bramham Village Hall, from to 1pm.

Further Information

Should you have any further queries about the Bramham cum Oglethorpe Neighbourhood Plan please contact Paul Marshall, Chair of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, at phmpm@ (telephone 01937 844767) or Val Whitbread, Chair of Bramham Parish Council, at (telephone 01937 541075).

Please take time to read the attached Plan, or at least the summary which has been distributed to all households and businesses in the parish and complete your comments.