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Do you support the future of our Senior Citizens Centre?


Do you support the future of our Senior Citizens Centre?

Alison Mackie


CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD A COPY OF THE QUESTIONNAIRE (you can find this in your parish magazine too)


A number of residents have suggested improving the SCC by installing running water and a toilet. The Parish Council has spent some considerable time investigating this possibility. It has proven very difficult to obtain accurate costs for the idea, in particular the costs for connection to clean water and sewers. However, from a Feasibility Study by a Quantity Surveyor (paid for by the Community Fund), and an estimate from one builder, we have a rough estimate of options and costs.

Please do be aware that as well as having no water/sewer connection the building is currently in a poor state of repair. The roof needs significant repair, the building has no insulation / cavity walls so is difficult and expensive to heat, and it is very damp.

The SCC is currently used by a small number of people as a place to meet for a chat and some company during the day. It is also used for occasional events such as Carols round the Tree at Christmas, and teas etc. during Open Gardens / Scarecrow Trail. These are clearly difficult without a toilet and running water. Residents have put forward the argument that it would be used by more people if it had the facilities needed. Unlike the Pavilion, the other building owned by the PC, no charge is made for use. If we were to charge this would probably introduce the additional cost of Business Rates, and this is not a path the PC wishes to go down, instead wanting to keep it as a free facility for residents.

The garden is maintained by Bramham in Bloom with a grant from the Parish Council, and we also pay a caretaker for the equivalent of an hour a week to open up and lock up, and a cleaner one hour per week. There are also insurance and heating costs.

Before making a decision for the future we need to know residents’ views. We are therefore setting out the options below and asking for your response either by completing the form in this leaflet, which can then be left in the box in the Village shop or posted to the Clerk, or by emailing the Clerk.

FUNDING: Possible sources of funding for are: proceeds from the sale of the strip of land along the playing field, a grant from the Community Fund (proceeds of Leeds Festival ticket sales), and a lottery grant (to be investigated).