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Application process for Leeds Festival Tickets 2017


Application process for Leeds Festival Tickets 2017

Alison Mackie

Applications for Resident Leeds Festival Tickets will take place this year in The Village Hall on Sunday 19th March 2017.

Please click on this link for full details of the process.

Please note that this is a change to the process that Bramham residents have used in previous years. Thorner have used this application process for a number of years and it has been very successful. The team of volunteers who very kindly administer the ticket process had many issues with the previous postal application process with forms incorrectly completed, forms that couldn't be read clearly, queries when individuals were not on the electoral role and queries/complaints about missed deadlines. Hopefully this year, by residents attending in person to make the application, any queries will be sorted out immediately and residents will know on the day whether or not their application was successful.

We please ask for your patience on registration day and we will do what we can to move people through the registration as quickly as possible.

The council would like to thank Melvin Benn and Festival Republic once again for their kind and generous donation of tickets to our village.

Bramham Parish Council