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"We made a difference"... with a contribution to help Tadcaster flood victims


"We made a difference"... with a contribution to help Tadcaster flood victims

Alison Mackie

To all the supporters of The Beatles night and afternoon tea party ...

Back in April the village held an event in Bramham Village Hall, afternoon tea and children party followed by The Beatles night. Over £2000 was raised at the event and we have now been able to distribute the funds to help the flood victims in Tadcaster... 

£800 Homebase Vouchers to a family who are still living upstairs in their home + £100 for them to treat their children

£400 in Homebase vouchers to a family who house flooded and garden washed away (and they finally move back in next week) for garden furniture + £50 Toys R Us Voucher for their baby girl

A cheque for £250 to a couple who despite having a flooded home dedicated so much time and effort to help everyone else as a token of appreciation for all the efforts during the floods

£200 in Homebase Vouchers to a girl who lost all the contents of her shop (a new business), was heavily pregnant and despite all this has had her baby and reopened the shop a few weeks ago.

£500 to The Village Hall who were such a fantastic support for the event to go towards some new blinds (or something similar) for the newly decorated hall

The balance to pay for a local hero award and to go towards Tadcaster annual street party

We hope that the funds will go a little way towards helping the families recover from what has been a terrible time.

The people of Tadcaster floods have been over-whelmed with Bramham’s generosity so thank you all for helping to make a little difference.

And it was such a fun event to organize we are thinking of doing another one so watch this space!

Jo, Jo, Suze and Alison