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Good News! Bramham to receive £278,000

Bramham Parish Council

The Parish Council is delighted to report that Leeds City Council is now exercising the option agreement whereby they buy a strip of land along the playing field to allow for future widening of Freely Lane should Bramham House be developed.

This means that the Parish Council will receive £278,000. Clearly this is a considerable amount of money which will be of great benefit to Bramham. The Parish Council has previously agreed to ring fence £58.000 to complete the pavilion and return £50k to The Community Fund. .Careful consideration will be given to how the remaining £170k is spent and we will be devising a process for village groups to submit applications. Spend will also be subject to legislation regarding what Parish Councils can lawfully spend such money on.

We will keep residents updated here on the website, in the parish magazine and in the council minutes that can be read on the village notice board.

Bramham Parish Council