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Parish Annual Newsletter... now available to read online

Bramham Parish Council

Bramham Parish Council publish an annual newsletter every year and a copy goes to every household within the parish.

The report includes an update from every committee and group within the village to advise what it is that they do, what has been special about the previous 12 months and how villagers can get involved with that group or club if they wish to do so.

The publication has been collated by Val Whitbread as chair of the parish council and then put into a publishing format by Gill Young. This year the publication has been made available on line too by Neil Ferres in a flipbook format. Thank-you to these three individuals for the time and work that has been put into this publication that I am sure many villagers will enjoy browsing.

We do get requests from time to time for local businesses and individuals wanting to advertise what they do in our annual newsletter and on this website. The council decided when setting up this website to keep it as an information sharing site as opposed to over complicating it with advertisements and does the same with the annual newsletter.

We hope you enjoy reading it and if you have any suggestions about improvements please do not hesitate to get in touch by E Mail.

Bramham Parish Council