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Family Walks Round Bramham

Neil Ferres

 A book about walks round Bramham was produced in 2006 following requests in the 2005 Village Plan. All copies of the book were sold and is no longer available and we have therefore put the book online for everyone to access.

All the walks start and finish in “The Square” for the ease of residents and visitors.

Click here to browse the book

It was never intended to be a “regimented” walk book of left, right, straight on, etc but to provide a bit of history of the surrounding area and hopefully make the journey more enjoyable and interesting.

All I would say is that if you enjoy the book perhaps you would consider putting a small contribution in the Bramham In Bloom Collection Jar in the Village Stores

Here is the article from the Wetherby News below from when the book was launched…

Happy Walking

Ernest Nichols

Chairman Bramham in Bloom

July 2013