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Bramham Running Club Bonus Mile Incentive Scheme!

Nina Batt


Bramham Running Club at Bramham Park 10K 2012

We’ve decided to implement a bonus mile incentive scheme for Bramham Running Club starting with immediate effect!

The bonus miles can be gained individually during an organised event or during the running club runs for completing certain challenges:

  • 3 bonus miles for entering a running event and achieving a personal best time
  • 2 bonus miles for entering and completing a running event that you have never done before
  • 1 bonus mile per person if more than 5 members of Bramham Running Club enter and complete a running event
  • 1 bonus mile for every Windmill Hill completed (during a running club run)
  • 1 bonus mile for every 2 Almshouse Hills completed (during a running club run)

Hopefully this will encourage us all to try something new, run a bit faster and have a bit of team spirit by competing in a few events together!

I am welcome to additional suggestions, please send them to Nina Batt