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Would you like to become a councillor?

Alison Mackie


Bramham Parish has a vacancy for a Parish Councillor

Due to the resignation of Cllr Michael Rhodes there is a vacancy in Bramham Parish Council.

The Council very much welcomes interest in the vacancy. If you think you might want to be a Councillor and would like to find out more about what is involved, please do contact the chair, or any other Councillors, or the clerk. This is an opportunity to make a contribution to our village and represent your fellow residents. We will be very happy to talk to you about what is involved.

If a minimum of 10 residents submit a written request for an election to Leeds City Council, and if more than one person stands, the vacancy will be filled by election. Such requests must be made by 7th March 2013 to the Returning Officer, Leeds City Council, Electoral Services, Level 2, Town Hall, the Headrow, Leeds LS1 3AD. An election will then be held within 60 working days.

If 10 residents do not request an election, the vacancy will be filled by Bramham Parish Council co-opting a new Councillor.

Please be aware that an election will cost Bramham Parish in the region of £6,000, as did the election last year following a Councillor resignation. This is out of an annual budget of £20,000. Co-opting will have no cost.

We look forward to welcoming a new councilor onto the team very shortly.

Val Whitbread

Bramham Parish Council Chairman

01937 541075

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