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5000 new homes in the Bramham Parish ... read the full report

Keith Innocent

Following the open meeting we had in the Village Hall with Alec Shelbrooke MP and Cllr John Proctor in attendence a report was sent to the Wetherby News but unfortunately it was edited. We are pleased to share with you the full text of the submission to the paper the fully reflects the outcomes of the meeting and the current position. 


A major development of new homes could be planned for an area to the south of Bramham.

Bramham Parish Councillor and Chairman of the Bramham Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, Keith Innocent called a meeting which was held in the Village Hall and where Bramham villagers were invited to attend to hear what was going on and to find out more about these plans.

Following various articles in the Wetherby News and as a result of a local questionnaire, the meeting was held to discuss the possible site allocation. The local MP Alec Shelbrooke and Ward Councillor John Proctor were invited to put their views across as well.

The Bramham group are concerned that our MP and Ward Councillors have not consulted directly with the Village about the University of Leeds land at Headley Hall, on which a development of up to 5,000 houses is proposed, but have encouraged other local villages to support it to avoid development in their own parishes. Also a Conservative Party leaflet issued earlier this year depicting our MP and Ward Councillors at the site would appear to demonstrate early involvement.

This meeting presented the opportunity to answer these concerns and indeed it was clear that the MP and the Ward Councillors of both Wetherby and Harewood Wards are in favour of this site and gave a lot of reasons for supporting it, which were mainly to prevent smaller developments being given planning permission scattered across the area of the Outer North East Leeds region which includes Bramham.

The Site Allocation process recently had its first public consultation and Bramham Neighbourhood Plan Steering group sent out a leaflet to all residents asking them to complete the consultation questionnaire to put forward their views. Residents were also asked to send the information to the Steering Group so the local views could be monitored. The vast majority of replies received were against the proposal on the basis of the loss of Green Belt, loss of valuable farmland and the impact on the environment including wildlife.

The Bramham Steering Group also contacted Tadcaster Town Council, Samuel Smith Brewery and The Battlefield Trust to let them know what was happening and to seek their involvement. The Battlefield Trust are strongly against development which would affect a battlefield site and alongside English Heritage have sent in objections to Leeds City Council.

The Steering Group will be meeting again soon to discuss this matter and whilst we received some responses to our leaflet, we very much need to hear from more Bramham residents. Residents can find out more by clicking on this link to the neighbourhood plan website and can contact us to rpovide comments and feedback via this link