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Fitness Offer for 14 to 18 Year Olds.... just £5 for 2 month membership

Alison Mackie

Young people aged 14 – 18 across Leeds have an opportunity to access 2 months worth of junior bodyline for just £5.00.  

The cards will give young people the opportunity to access the mainstream junior bodyline membership which now entitles anyone 14 years and over access to all fitness classes, swimming and gym, without a supervised adult, something which has only recently changed.
Young people will be able to go swimming, go to the gym, or access a fitness class as many times as they like for their £5 over their 2 month membership.
The offer is only be available online and will be promoted through Breeze Facebook and Twitter.  The Facebook and twitter posts will send you to the micro site (which is currently being used as the general new year campaign) and it is here you will enter your details and download the offer which you can print off or download it to your mobile and take to the leisure centre.   
The project will be going live on Friday 1st Feb and will be redeemable for 2 weeks until the 18th Feb.  The 2 months worth of membership will start when you redeem the voucher.
Be ready to keep a look out on Friday 1st on the Breeze Facebook and twitter sites for the offer. Details of swimming, fitness and centre gym opening times can be found via the Sports page of the City Council’s website.