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Historical Bramham - a new website and digital archive for Bramham goes live

Alison Mackie

Picture of Bramham Church, courtesey of Historical Bramham website

The Parish Council are delighted to announce that the new “Historical Bramham” website has gone live. 


Neil Ferres and his team have done an incredible job digitised over 3000 documents/maps and photographs with associated descriptions on dozens of subjects relating to the history of Bramham and its surrounding area.

Most of the material has been obtained from the physical archive that was created by former resident David Machin but of course we have received documents and photographs from other sources a process we hope will continue

On the website you will find information about:

The Battle of Bramham Moor

  • The story of the battle
  • The battle information plaque ceremony
  • The gala following the ceremony 

The Bramham Archive

The main part of the website containing nearly 40 folders with sections containing the hundreds of images we have digitised. Each image has an explanatory description is zoom-able for increased ease of reading and a downloadable PDF is provided for even more ease of access and the printing of a hard copy.

Over the Centuries

The story of Bramham with sections on the battles that were fought around the village, it’s geographic situation, religious history, famous houses in the area and much more.

Bramham - The Village in Past Times

Based very closely on the book by the same name published by The Bramham In Times Past 1994 team you can read a pictorial record of the area  as you take an imaginary walk around the village.

Bramham House

The fascinating history of former stately home Bramham House with its involvement with the major families in the area, right through to its purchase by local authorities and its use as a children’s home. Included is the story of one of the residents of the home and its influence on his life. Now fallen into disrepair the house is awaiting demolition and the land it sits on used for a modern development.

“Please enjoy your visit to the website and let us have your impressions and of course if you have any material you feel would be suitable for the archive please contact us.” - Neil Ferres, The Bramham Archive Team.