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This is Bramham - welcome to our new website

Bramham Parish Council

We are really pleased to announce the launch of, the official website of Bramham Parish Council and a new online destination for news and information about all aspects of village life.

The website was commissioned at the start of the summer, with the aim of improving communication between the Council and residents of Bramham. The previous website had become quite full with content, and we felt it lacked the structure needed to make it easy for residents to navigate effectively. We also recognised that electronic forms of communication, like email and social media, continue to grow in importance and we didn’t want to be left behind. Whilst we remain committed to supporting our printed Parish Magazine, we felt that we needed to able to post news online, and share it in a number of ways.

So, it is to these ends that we have created this new website, complete with information about the Council and its members; details of Council meetings (which all members of the public are free to attend); minutes of previous meetings, and important documents like our financial accounts and Code of Conduct; a secure contact page, that allows streamlined correspondence with our Clerk (the first port of call for anyone who wants to communicate with the Council in writing); and, finally, this page, which will allow us to post the latest Council news, and provides you with the tools needed to search and share the content you are most interested in.

This website is also an attempt to consolidate information that has, historically, existed across a number of different websites, creating a somewhat confusing picture when you type ‘Bramham’ into a search engine, like Google. We hope that in time this website will become a first-stop-shop for anyone wanting to find out about village life; village history; our great facilities; thriving clubs and community groups; and the events and activities, many of them organised by residents, taking place throughout the year.

We have designed the new site so that anyone with a registered account, and the correct ‘permissions’, can add and update content. In the first instance, this is being made available to anyone who is involved in one of the many clubs and groups that are active in the village. Those individuals will be able to maintain their ‘Committees, Clubs & Groups’ page, and will be able to post new content to the News page. This will provide us with an opportunity to test out how this will work, and what value it will have for residents, and if it works we hope to open it out to everyone, creating an online hub with a community of contributors from across the village adding their content. Anyone who is interested in becoming a contributor should contact the Clerk.

If you experience any problems when using this website  you can report them to our developers here. They will look into them immediately.