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Medieval Bramham at War Display & Tour of The Church & The Churchyard

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Medieval Bramham at War Display & Tour of The Church & The Churchyard

Medieval Bramham at War Event will take place this weekend at Bramham Church from 11.30am to 4pm.

This event is part of a county wide initiative called "Church Explorers" where Churches from all over Yorkshire are staging events which reveal intriguing facts about their histories, particularly the medieval period.

In Bramham we have taken the Battle of Bramham Moor as our theme and we have been very lucky to secure the help of the "Frei Compagnie", a group of battle reenactors who are really enthusiastic about making history come alive. They will be in the Churchyard with armour and weapons and camp followers to give a fascinating  insight into what life was like for people in the medieval period. There will also be a chance to test your skill as a medieval archer!

There will be displays in Church giving information about the battle and about some of the ancient features of this beautiful building.

Entry to the event is free and refreshments will be served. Everyone is welcome to come along and discover more about the long and often surprising history of the village.

For further details of this event please click here