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Bob is now getting very comfortable with us being around at the allotment and I found him this morning in next doors greenhouse sitting in this planting tray and he didn’t run away as I got close with my mobile phone to get this picture. All the cats up here look the same and are not blessed with the best looking faces but give them their dues they do seem to be having an effect on the rat population and it is nice to have them to pass the time of day with when I make my early morning trips up to feed the chickens. We spent a lovely day on Sunday pottering around with the cats passing through and sometimes settling down to rest on a warm bit of ground. We have continued to dig over the beds and remove old crops and weeds. It is looking very smart, but empty! I meant to plant my first crop of peas but forgot to bring the seeds up with me. I also need to make a trip to the garden centre to stock up on compost as I shall be planting most of my seeds in the next few weeks in the greenhouse. It is that time of year when if you miss a week then you find yourself running behind and your seedlings aren’t ready quickly enough to plant out. It’s always a fine line when to plant as you don’t want weak seedlings that have been kept in their pots too long before you plant them out but also you want them to be big enough to plant out at the right time to give them maximum growing time before cropping. Of course it is also weather dependent and we can do nothing about that. If we get a few cold weeks in April it can knock everything back. All in all it’s just a case of doing it when you can and crossing your fingers that it all goes according to plan.