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Bramham Blogs

Is that light at the end of the tunnel?


At last the mornings are starting to lighten up and I can see the end of what must be the worst winter I’ve ever had at the allotment. I know we have been really lucky because there has been no snow and very few frosty mornings, but they are what make January interesting. I’ve had absolutely nothing to blog about as every day it’s the same old thing sploshing and sliding through the mud and rain in the pitch black. It has been really miserable and even the weekends have been a wash out, as when the rain stops and the sun glints through the clouds we can’t do anything as the soil is just too sodden to walk on. We tried to do some work this weekend but ended up sheltering in the shed as the rain came down again and the wind blew. The chickens made me laugh as they scurried back in to their run to avoid the worst of it. They eventually gave up and had an early night retiring into their hut before we even left which is unheard of. Guess they are fed up of it all too! Lottie and Bob are still around most of the time and Bob is getting more used to us, though we can’t get very near to him. Lottie knows exactly what to do when it’s raining as we found her sitting on one of the armchairs in one of the sheds on the allotment in front of the wood burning stove. It’s a hard life being an allotment cat. Anyway here’s hoping that things change soon and we can start to prepare for a new season.