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Bramham Blogs

Double Vision


As usual Lottie came to join me the other day when I got to the allotment. She loves to run down the path with me and then hops on to the fence and walks alongside me at waist height until I open the gate for her to leap through. I always give her a stroke and it is nice to have the company and someone to talk to. As I opened the gate we both heard a noise in the dhalias and when I looked through I did a double take as Lottie was staring back at me intently from the other side, of course it wasn’t Lottie but it was definitely her double as they had the slightly cross eyed look that she has unfortunately inherited. I then noticed a baby bunny who took the opportunity while the cat was looking at me to make a run for it, but with that the cat disappeared into the potato patch and I never heard or saw either of them again. Lottie was phased for a minute then she just carried on as normal and headed to the shed to wait for her breakfast. I don’t know if it was Bob back on the scene or another cat as I didn’t really get to see how large it was but it’s funny to know that there are always animals around on the plot when we are not there. I am guessing they come from the farm down the road as they all look exactly the same and there must be rich pickings of rabbits, mice and rats up here on the allotment.