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Bramham Blogs

No Rest for the Wicked


What a great day. After a late start due to a late night we had nothing else to do today but enjoy the sunshine and spend the day pottering. We were never going to be very dynamic but there wasn’t anything major on the job list so we could afford to have a few breaks to absorb the rays and build up some strength to start again. We even managed to have our lunch alfresco. The girls enjoyed the sunshine too taking the chance to sunbathe and have a dust bath. It is great watching them create an indent in the soil and using their wings to throw great clouds of dust into their feathers? They never look very good afterwards but as the dust falls off it leaves them pristine and bug free. Helga has started her autumn moult and is feeling a bit sorry for herself. I don’t know if it actually makes them feel off colour but they do seem to eat less and stay away from the others. We decided to use an old door which had been left on the bonfire to create a sheltered corner in their run as the cold spell earlier this week made us think about giving them somewhere to get out of the rain and wind when it starts again. We spent the rest of the day gathering the usual harvest and got to the point where we had done everything we planned to do and feeling satisfied with ourselves packed up to go home. When we got in the car we realised we had managed to while away a good six hours and now it was early evening and we had all this harvest to sort out. So we’ve got jam on the go as the freezer is still not repaired and we had so much fruit, more tomatoes being cooked for sauce, beans to blanch ( just got enough room in the indoor freezer to squeeze them in) and other veg to wash and tidy up to keep for the week. Growing your own is great but just sometimes you wish you could just come home on a Sunday evening and not have more jobs to do before you can chill.