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Bramham Blogs

Harvest Time


What a great time of year. We spend a few hours at the allotment and come home with baskets full of fresh produce. The colours are so fabulous too, with all the reds and blacks from the fruit and tomatoes, the greens and purples from the peppers, kale, beetroot and salad veg and then the wonderful dark blooms of the dhalias (Sarah Raven Dark Collection). Unfortunately the seal on our spare freezer in the garage has gone and when I went to put the next lot of fruit in there the other day I found that it was like a frozen water fall inside. We have therefore had a go at raspberry wine and our small inside freezer is packed to the gunnels with blackberries and the produce we were able to save from the garage freezer. As it’s only the seal we are going to try and replace it, but the harvest won’t wait so we need to do it quickly. We had our first sweetcorn at the weekend and it was delicious, a few of the cobs had not formed all the way up which I think is something to do with the pollination so I need to read up on that for next year. I also tried our radicchio. When we were skiing last year I am sure that a friend bought radicchio and fried the heart in olive oil and garlic, which I remember was fab. I decided to try this with ours but it was awful. Radicchio is very bitter and I thought the cooking might recuce this but no it retained the bitterness and was really horrible. I shall be googling radicchio because I can’t think what on earth I’m going to do with a full row of bitter radicchio now! Ah well it was an experiment, but usually at least with most of my experiments that go wrong I can give them to the chickens but I don’t think I can even inflict these on them so they’ll have to go on the compost heap if I can’t find a google solution.