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Bumble Bee Lollipops


When I arrived at the allotment the other evening I noticed lots of activity on a neighbouring plot. These wonderful flowers are the flower heads of leeks left in the soil from last year and are obviously bumble bee heaven as they were absolutely covered in them. One of the best things about the allotment are the little things you discover like this every year. We always end up with a few sorry leeks left in the soil after winter which we normally dig up and discard on the compost heap but not this year I will be leaving them in and letting them flower like this. Bees are everywhere at the moment and particularly on the raspberries. We are picking the early fruting varieties and the bees are flying past us to get to the ones behind. They are so intent in what they are doing that they ignore us completely. We were putting in extra supports this weekend to support the autumn raspberries and they just carried on as we lifted the canes up. I also noticed that in the evening once it just starts to cool off a bit some bees end up falling asleep hugging the raspberry flower, obviously shattered after a hard days foraging and taking the opportunity to be in prime position in the morning to start again. They really are lovely insects and an allotment holders best friend.