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Bramham Blogs

A Big Shock and A New Visitor


I had a really horrible shock when I went to the allotment tonight. When I opened up the run to let the girls out, while we pottered about, I found Paris dead. I couldn’t believe it as she was fine this morning. I picked her up to look over her and she had a full crop and weighed a ton so was feeding fine but it looked like she had had a prolapse. This is quite common apparently, having googled it when I came home and is when the egg duct protrudes outside a bit like piles in humans. It wouldn’t normally kill a chicken and there was lots of advice for treating it but I wonder if that with the hot weather had something to do with it. I guess I’ll never know and will just have to put it down to one of those things. After that shock I then thought I was seeing double as we seem to have a new cat on the allotment. It looks exactly like Lottie but is a lot larger, it was stood on one of the paths looking straight at us and then laid on the floor next to him was Lottie. I’ve decided he must be a he as he just looks like one. I’m guessing he has come from the same farm down the road and is hoping to share the high life with Lottie sharing her food every day. Lottie seemed to be quite happy for him to be around and so we’ll see, at least we know Lotie has been spayed so no kittens!