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A Trug Full of Happiness


I think allotments should be recommended for therapy as no matter how busy, disappointing or whatever our weekend has been, spending an hour on the allotment puts me right back on track. We went up quite late today as it’s been so hot and there is no point doing anything when it’s like that. We have been taking up every water container we have every day to keep the veg going but one thing that is doing very well in this weather is the fruit. The sun ripens it and makes everything super sweet. Our gooseberry bushes are laden and nearly ready to harvest and our best crop the raspberries have started fruiting again. I had a lovely surprise with the volume and size of the blackcurrants too hidden under the leaves. They would certainly put the Ribera berries to shame. My friends have kindly bought me a couple of wooden trugs over the years which I absolutely love for collecting my fruit as I can hang it on my arm while I pick and there really is nothing that makes me as happy as a trug full of juicy raspberries and blackcurrants covered in another bunch of sweet smelling sweet peas. A proper Trug full of happiness which hales the start of continuous picking now for probably the rest of the year. Oh joy!