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A New Hobby


I spent last night getting scratched to bits picking our bumper crop of gooseberries. When I got home laden with three carrier bags full I used the bathroom scales to weigh them and they weighed in at 21lb. Unbelievable from two bushes we only planted a couple of years ago. We have frozen lots and given some away but have also decided to try our hand at wine making. My hubby went out and bought all the kit today and having topped and tailed a whole bag full of gooseberries we now have a bucket full of prime squashed gooseberries waiting to be processed into fine wine. A friend mentioned today that they had made some and forgotten about it for six years, apparently it was delicious so here’s hoping. We are still seeing plenty of the new cat and my nephew decided to name him Bob as he looks like a bob cat with pointy ears. He doesn’t hang around but it’s great trying to spot him. I’ll try and get a photo of him for the blog. The daily grind in this hot weather has taken it’s toll and I was positively grumpy yesterday after lugging another load of water in the back of the car after a long day at work. We have to decide each day what to water and some things just have to do without. It is interesting which plants seem to cope and the brassicas have had no water since we planted them and seem fine whereas the beans seem to struggle. Of course I’m still picking punnets of raspberries every day and those sweet peas just don’t stop. Needless to say I’m not getting to watch much telly these days.