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This is The Life


These are just perfect times at the moment, rushing up after you get home from work and have had your evening meal to spend an hour pottering about on the allotment. I even asked the person giving me a lift home last night to drop me off on the corner so I could get my fix. There are always a few of us up there most evenings now and we are all just lost in our own little worlds planting and weeding. I of course have been micro weeding, down on my knees taking out all the tiny weeds from around my new plants. it is just so satisfying and an excellent way to unwind and be at peace with the world. The sound of the A1 does nothing to detract from the peace and quiet either as it just reminds you that others are still flying around while you feel the stresses and strains of the day just melting away. Ah if only it was always like this. Of course the ideal is never quite perfect as we are back to needing more rain. The water butts are emptying very quickly as new seedlings need constant attention but at least the drier weather this year means less slugs and touch wood my brassicas have not been munched and are growing away strongly now. Poor old Scabbers is still with us and hanging in there by the skin of her teeth, she looks really tired but is eating everything we give her so I’m crossing my fingers she’ll pull through. Our next door allotment holder has recently taken on four ex-bats and I had forgotten how sad they look, with so few feathers and pale listless combs. They are coming out of their shells already though and making themselves at home. It’s amazing how quickly the natural behaviour returns and they are scratching away in their new run as ours do. At least I can see that Scabbers is a million times better than she was when I got her.