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Wow, shattered now after another full day at the allotment in the lovely sunshine. It always amazes me how quickly the time goes by up there, but everything is looking very good, although alot of the plants seem to be in limbo. All across the allotment plants are looking very healthy but are just not growing very fast. I can only assume it is the lack of water that is making them hold back, maybe underneath the ground the roots are going ever deeper to try and reach moisture who knows. I can imagine when we get our first real rain everything is going to take off like nothing else and we won’t be able to keep up. All the planting out is nearly done now I’m just waiting for my leeks to thicken up. I like to plant them out when they are good and strong as they seem to take better, so another week or so and they should be ready. The allotment beds are pretty much full now but I’m filling in the spaces with a few new crops such as raddichio which I planted last week. We had it abroad as a cooked vegetable fried in oil and it was delicious so can’t wait for that to grow. We’ve also bought some globe artichoke plants at the garden centre today as they were selling them off. They are a fantastic architectural plant which is perennial so we’ve planted them at the end of the flower bed where they can stay put. I’m not sure we’ll make much of a meal of them but they’ll look pretty and hopefully encourage the bees. One annual I planted out a couple of years ago for the bees is borage which seeds it self prolifically. It is everywhere in the allotment now but it is great because it is really easy to pull out from where you don’t want it but we let it grow on in the corners of the beds and in between and it keeps the bees happy right through until the frosts. I just wish we had a hive as borage honey would be fantastic. When you pull out the plants they smell of cucumber which is probably why the flowers are added to Pimms. Mmmm must get the bottle out and give it a go. The reason for venturing to the garden centre was to buy more netting as the birds have been at my brassicas again, there was a small hole in the side of the netting and the little blighters were getting through and nibbling the plants. Luckily we spotted it soon enough to stop any major damage I hope and as the purple sprouting broccoli went in today I was not taking any chances. One day we will get round to making a sturdier construction to hang the netting on as it needs to stay on the bed all through the winter but for now it’s just lots of canes and connectors. Anyway after all the work it is lovely to finish the day with a box of eggs in one hand a lovely bouquet of sweet peas in the other and leave after yet another stroll round to admire our handiwork.