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I’m feeling a bit sorry for myself at the moment as I feel like I’ve got the timing wrong on quite a few of my plantings this year. One thing I am really bad at is comparing my plot to others and when I see something that is way ahead of mine I feel very envious and wish I had planted mine earlier. I think I held off a bit too long with the cold spell earlier this year and some of my plants are looking very tiny compared to others. Of course at the moment this dry weather is doing nothing to help either as we have just about run out of water now and the little things are having to fend for themselves. I planted out the pumkins last week and every day I look at them spaced so far apart and think they will never fill that space but I just keep having to tell myself that all will be well and before long they will be rambling all over and I will be worried that they are going to take over the whole plot. I have transplanted my leeks into individual pots to grow on and they look like little blades of grass, again it is hard to believe that by winter they will be huge and strong and able to stand up to anything that the winter weather throws at them. I think I am going to have to give up on having any success with my parsnips as well as nothing is happening there either. I can’t understand that one, I must be doing something wrong. I did read the other day in a magazine I think that when planting the seeds you should make sure when watering them in that you don’t create puddles, I presume because this compacts the soil and maybe stops them from being able to push through. I don’t know if that’s what I did but I think we will have to miss out on roast parsnip again this year, not that that will bother my husband as he doesn’t like them anyway. I wonder if he is deliberately doing something to sabotage them??? There is one new menace though that has entered the allotment and has been sabotaging my efforts and that is one of my chickens, Blue, who has suddenly become an escape artist and is flying out of the run into the allotment. I had been admiring my little beetroot plants and then the next day she got out and ate all the tops of them. So extra barriers have had to be installed at the top of the run to stop that. It really is a battle of wits round here. Unfortunately one little lady won’t be causing any trouble as we lost Scabbers last weekend. It was really sad to see her give up in the end but a relief as well. The others though are looking great and so at least it was nothing contagious.