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We need Rain


What a gorgeous weekend but boy do we desperately need some rain. Our water butts are fast running out having to water our newly planted seedlings. We don’t normally water and let plants fend for themselves but when they have just been planted it is essential, however we are celebrating as the broad beans shoots are poking out now and the first potato can be seen at last. Hopefully there will be rain later this week to get them off to a good start. I have been busy in the greenhouse planting brussel sprouts, kale, pumkins and leeks and some of those are already showing through with this warm weather. I really like using the fibre pots for things like pumpkins and sweetcorn as it means I can plant them straight out into the soil so I don’t disturb the roots. The others I plant in normal pots and thin out as they get stronger. I think it is the really hard part getting the little flimsy seedlings to grow on to strong enough plants to plant out. They are so vulnerable at this time to overwatering, drying out if it’s too hot in the greenhouse and shrivelling up, getting damaged by my clumsy hands etc. I’m not very good at this pricking out malarkey either, I saw a lady in a large nursery at the weekend hunched over a tray of tiny seedlings pricking each one out into individual pots. Mind Blowing! I don’t over plant and cross my fingers that enough survive so I prick out the bare minimum. As for the girls we have introduced the two new ones to the rest of the flock and it has gone very well, a few squals and feathers flying but they seem to be okay. The white one Ostara, named after the goddess who is the namesake of the festival of Easter by her previous owner (might have a link to eggs perhaps) and Speckledy (more like a name I would think of) have laid an egg every day so are really earning their keep. Ostara lays the most amazing pure white eggs which look like porcelain compared to all the other varieties of brown we get from the rest. Family, friends and work colleagues are now reaping the rewards as I have to give away alot of eggs each week as we can’t possibly eat them all.