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Bramham Blogs

Better Late than Never


We had our first crop of purple sprouting broccoli this week despite the pigeon damage which you can see on the lower leaves of the plants. We would normally start to harvest this in late Feb but with the cold it has only just started to flower. The plants are also a lot smaller this year probably because of the poor weather and the pigeons but it is a beautiful bright purple and so tender compared to the shop bought stems. Well worth the wait and the space in the bed. I will be planting next years crop in pots in the greenhouse soon to plant out in May. We are still waiting patiently for our beans, peas and potatoes to show themselves, checking every day to see if we can see a shoot poking through the soil which becomes a full time occupation at this time of year. Scabbers has made a full recovery and is now back with the other girls scratching about as if nothing happened, though I don’t think she is laying yet. The others are doing very well though and we can get a wonderful mixed half dozen in one day. We had a go at letting the new girls mix with the others when we let them out this weekend and it is fascinating to see how they have already worked out a pecking order between the wire mesh of their adjoining runs. They seemed to get on reasonably well so I’m hoping we can let them all mix together permanently next weekend.