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Bramham Blogs

New Arrivals


We have had another perfect allotment day, so good we eventually looked at the clock and realised it was 7pm. Today we took delivery of two new chickens who needed to be rehomed as their owners were moving. Taking in new chickens is always quite a bit of hassle as you can’t just throw them in with the others. They need to be kept seperate for a few weeks but in sight of the others as they will fight if you put them together. This meant a full refurbish in the chicken run so we could accommodate them. Utilising all those bits and pieces we keep in the shed at last. Eventually they were installed in their new accommodation but we spent the rest of the afternoon listening to our girls making such a din, they were making it very clear that they were top of the pecking order and the new girls better realise that. After our refurb we were able to do more planting, the onions went in and I got to use my birthday present to tuck them up safe from the stray chicken that keeps randomly digging big holes in our beds. My present was some new flexible connectors for making a frame from canes to hang netting over. I now have a fantastic collection of these gadgets and it is always great to get some new ones that improve on the last ones. I also planted my first peas. I kick start my peas before planting them by spreading them out on wet kitchen paper on a tray at home. I used to plant them direct but never had a good result as only a few seemed to germinate. When I put them on paper I wait until I see little roots appearing and then I only plant those that have sprouted. This means I always get a good row of peas but even with a good row of peas you will never get enough to make much of a meal. A lot of allotment holders don’t plant them for that reason but I think it is still worth growing some just so you can eat them straight from the pod while you work. You can’t beat it.