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Bramham Blogs

Chicken Run


What a lovely weekend to spend up at the allotment. It is getting much busier up there now with the veg growers starting to prepare their plots ready for planting. Ours aren’t too bad as we did a lot of work at the end of the summer last year so this weekend we decided to check the girls for lice. Not a nice job but a necessary one and they all needed treating. Easier said than done! The old girls, Red, Blue and Scabbers are very tame now and we can just walk up pick them up and treat them, but the others are not tame at all. So we ended up with Natasha on top of the neighbours shed and Paris escaping into the next allotment followed by lots of running around trying to persuade them to come home and trapping them in a corner to grab them. They can move so quickly you end up running around for ages. Once you’ve grabbed them you turn them on their backs with their head under your arm and they give you no hassle while you powder their bums with louse powder. It’s a job that should be done every month or so so the girls will slowly get used to us picking them up over the summer, well hopefully. Others jobs ticked off the list were to prune the gooseberry bushes which should be pruned to leave an open framework of branches taking out ones that are running too close to the ground and crossing over in the middle of the bush. It is also a dangerous job as that are seriously prickly. Finally we got round to putting up a robin nest box. Our friendly robin has definitely found a mate and they visit the bird table together every morning. We may be too late to provide them with a home but cross fingers they think it’s a desirable residence and we can see them fledge later in the year.