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And They're Off


At last it seems that it’s time to take our marks as allotment growers and set off for another year of growing crops. After the last two weeks of daily routine tending to the girls I have finally made the first moves in starting the planting year. The first job I’ve completed is chitting our potatoes. We tend to grow main crop potatoes in our beds and plant new potatoes in potato bags to start off in the greenhouse. So a trip to the garden centre last weekend means that my potatoes are now all neatly lined up in their egg boxes on our study windowsill waiting for the green shoots to develop. We are fans of the Sarpo Mira potato because it is highly resistant to blight and apart from last year when our crop failed we have had the most fantastic crop which has lasted us all through the winter. They produce massive potatoes that do well for everything. Next job is to get my seeds bought and I’m going to treat myself to some fantastic plastic hoops that I have seen in a catalogue which will cover my brassica crop and protect it from the pigeons, they are not going to catch me out again this year! So now to devouring my new copy of gardeners world magazine and to plan my next job over a cup of tea.