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Flying Objects


I hate sitting at home listening to strong winds as every year it is the one weather system that causes the most problems at the allotment. The most common problem is shed roofs blowing off and yesterday was no exception. I battled my way against the wind wondering what I was going to find and at first we seemed to have escaped, all sheds intact and nothing seemingly out of order. It was only when I opened up the girlies run that I found someone else’s shed roof in there. Shed roofs are not light and yet when the wind gets under them it seems they can travel amazing distances and clear great heights. I imagine they must look like a magic carpet, sailing through the sky then plummeting to the ground when the gust passes. Luckily no damage was done and the girlies although a little perturbed by this new object were all fine. I feel really sorry for my neighbour who owns this shed as every year it gives up in strong winds whereas other flimsy little sheds seem to stand up to it. Our own blue shed which is fairly rickety just leans more after each strong gale and the bracket for the door has to be adjusted each time so that we can close it again. One day I am sure we will arrive to find it flat packed as it leans just that bit too far and folds over. Perhaps we need to start looking for a shed that someone is getting rid of to replace it before the inevitable happens!