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Bramham Blogs

Enjoying the light mornings


It is lovely when the clocks go back as it gives me a few weeks of light mornings to enjoy again before the long period of dark mornings starts again. When it is dark the chucks are still in bed when I get there and reluctantly get up when I go in to clean them out but at the moment they are all up and about when I arrive. I’ve had the tests back from the vets and there is nothing that they can see is wrong in the flock so I have a feeling there may be something they eat when they are let out on to the allotment that doesn’t agree with them. I’m reluctant to keep them in all the time so I guess it’s a risk I’ll have to take. They are going through the autumn moult again and there are clouds of feathers in their run. This time it’s Blue and Natasha and they look very disheveled. The dark nights mean our allotment efforts are concentrated on the weekends now and mainly involves clearing out old crops and keeping the winter ones weed free. It is a much more relaxing time on the allotment but it is cold so you don’t want to be stood around too long without digging or some other activity to keep you warm. I do love winter veg though and we are now starting on the sprouts, leeks and Jerusalem artichokes. I gave up on the radicchio and that will be dug up, put on the compost heep and added to the list of tried but never again. It is back to the catalogues and magazines to see what else we can find to try out next year.