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Bramham Blogs

Frosty End


It is amazing what the first frost has done to the look and feel of our plot. Before the frost some of the summer crops were still going strong such as our french beans and the dhalias were still in full bloom and I was able to take a vase full every week, but on Wednesday morning the dhalias were completely black and the beans had all died back. So we have spent this weekend digging out the dhalia tubors to protect them over winter and clearing out most of the remaining beds which leaves the plot looking very bare and empty. There are just the leek bed and brassica beds to see us through the winter. The next job will be to spread all our compost over the soil to enrich it ready to start the process all over again next year. Funnily enough though despite the frosts the pepper plants in the greenhouse are having a second go at producing fruit, I guess they are probably more susceptible to lack of light and we still seem to be getting plenty of sunshine even though it is cold so I’m hoping they might grow big enough to eat. We are storing the pumpkins in the greenhouse to keep them dry and they looked wonderful in the sunshine this morning. There is nothing better than a crisp frosty morning as the sunshine is always so bright and shows everything off at it’s best on the allotment. We planted some globe artichoke plants this summer and they have produced massive fronds of spikey grey foliage which sparkled this morning. I need to mulch around them to protect them from the worst of the weather and I’m probably going to put a windbreak around them too so they don’t get too battered with the wind, then hopefully next year they will mature in to huge plants. Not sure we’ll get an edible crop but they should look stunning. Next weekend we need to tackle the raspberries taking out this years fruited stems and tying in the new ones for next year. Crossing my fingers we get another sunny day rather than the cold and wet one we had yesterday but either way it’s got to be done.