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A New Year and Back to Routine


I can’t believe my last post was so long ago. What with late nights, lie ins, lots of days off and nights away from home the daily routine of feeding the girls and attending to the allotment had gone out of the window. Now it’s back to work full time and getting up there in the early morning again and it feels good. Lottie prefers it too as she knows when I am going to be there and can get her breakfast. I’ve hardly seen her over the Christmas break but she doesn’t seem to have suffered at all. The girls are looking good too Scabbers has fully recovered and Blue is starting to get her full plumage back. The other exciting thing that happens in the New Year is the first seed catalogues fall on to the door mat. While others are pouring over their holiday brochures I am deciding which plants to grow this year. Over the short time I have been growing I have already learnt to stick with the old favourites that I know will produce well in our soil/conditions but I also like to experiment with new things too. This year I tried crown prince squash which were a success but to be honest produce too big a fruits for just two of us which puts me off eating them so this year I will be looking for something smaller to grow. We also tried sweet corn for the first time this year. We had been put off by others who had grown them in the past and had had them eaten by rats before they got to try them, but luckily we managed to get some lovely sweet cobs and they were really good so they will definitely be in the order this year.