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Bramham Blogs

Enjoying the Snow in the Sunshine


I was lucky enough to be off work today when the sun came out this morning. The allotment covered in snow glinting in the sunlight is one of my favorite places to be and I took full advantage of the moment. The winter veg are completely covered but will be none the worse for it. The chard tends to grow new shoots from the middle after the snow recedes and the kale, brussels and leeks will shrug off the cold and taste even better. I was watching all the birds flitting about in the trees next to our allotment trying to get a good photgraph of the blue tits on the feeders when a young rat just walked out of the trees following it’s usual path behind the old greenhouse and never seemed to notice I was there. It’s funny how I’ve got so used to them now and they have just become part of the flora and fauna of the allotment. They like the birds are looking for food and will be struggling just as they are to find enough to eat with the ground covered in snow. Well talking of food I’m off to meet the husband for lunch so have to tear myself away, though there is no work to do up here at the moment so all visits tend to be short and sweet just to get out fix.