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Bramham Blogs

Pristine Snow


I had the joy of being a trail blazer this morning and walking in fresh snow up to the allotment. First over the bridge across the A1 and the road until I get into the allotment and then it changes as I am certainly not the first one there. There are little tracks all over. Mainly rabbits but then I spotted Lotties paw prints showing me what she’d been up to that night. Thankfully there were not many rat prints but you can see a few following the usual rat runs. The big ones leave a track of their tail running across the snow between their little paw prints. I’m always looking and wanting to see something out of the ordinary maybe a badger, deer or fox but probably a good job I never do. When I let the girls out they aren’t that keen on leaving their foot prints in the snow. It took them quite a while to muster up the enthusiasm to dip their toes in that cold white stuff but the cold weather makes the robin loose all it’s fears and it will be on the bird table as soon as my back is turned. I guess they need the food after using all their reserves to keep warm overnight.