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The Science of Egg Production


I have to admit when I took on my girls I had no idea that egg production could be so random and interesting. I thought like most people that chucks lay eggs all the time laying less in the winter when it was cold. Ah if only it was that simple. Even after four years of keeping chickens we still get pleasure out of discussing how many we get each day and trying to work out who is laying. For months now we have been getting one or two eggs per day from six chickens then yesterday a third egg appeared! We know that the two we normally get are from Natasha and Helga because of their colour but the new egg could be from either Blue or Scabbers who have not laid for ages. Red is passed laying now but Blue and Scabbers should really be laying still on a regular basis but nothing until yesterday. Now I had a feeling someone was building up to laying again as I had found a small egg like object in the nest which was like a piece of putty the other day. Almost like an egg with no insides but trying to work out who it is will keep us guessing now. Chickens stop laying for all sorts of reasons and contrary to popular belief it is not the cold that stops them laying but light levels and so this summer with it’s dark dreary days did nothing to encourage laying whereas the last few days of snow increases light levels and may have helped. Both Blue and Scabbers have also been moulting and this takes a lot of energy so also affects their laying. We are pretty sure that Paris has not started laying yet as she was bought at point of lay and may wait until spring to start. Anyway in the meantime we will keep up the detective work and pray for snow to keep production up!