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Bramham Blogs

Allotment Envy


Every week there is always something new to see as fellow allotmenteers develop their plots and as is the case on all good allotments most people find second hand items to improve their plot. This week I’ve been very envious of a lovely wooden greenhouse that a friend has found for her allotment. It looks so lovely and it makes you think of happy hours pottering in the sun caring for your new seedlings. I love the variety of greenhouses and sheds on the allotment they are full of personality. Some like ours are shabby and patched up, while others are very smart. We were given our shed when we took on the plot by another allotment holder and it was painted bright blue, to jazz it up even more my nephew and friends kids painted on flowers. Unfortunately we had to replace that bit last year as it had rotted through so it now looks very patchwork but keeps our tools dry and safe. We have had to brace it too with angled wooden batons as the wind had blown it over at an unnerving angle. Our greenhouse was given to us when someone was moving house and we also have an old Wendy house to store all those things we have collected that might just come in handy. We have definitely learnt the allotment cry ‘If you are throwing that out we’ll have it’ pity we don’t have the DIY skills to make the most of it all!