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One thing we do really well with every year is raspberries. We planted three rows of canes the first year we got the plot. I bought a pack of three varieties which are supposed to produce a crop at different times of the year but only one variety really does anything at all and the others are very disappointing. The one that does crop is a delicious variety and fantastic fresh over the summer but they just produce so much that we end up with a freezer full every autumn. We don’t often eat puddings and struggle to use them up, theres only so much raspberry crumble you can eat. We also made lots of jam this year but again how much jam do you need. I then sat with good old google and looked for raspberry recipes. First thing I found that I fancied trying was raspberry vodka. We had been to Russia for our hols so had brought back the obligatory bottle of vodka and made two kilner jars up which have been sitting in my under stairs cupboard maturing for three months now. We have promised friends a tipple on New Years Eve so looking forward to that. Problem is raspberry vodka actually uses very few raspberries so been googling again this week and going to make raspberry liqueur. It should hopefully be a little like chambourd the recipe promises. So I’ve been to Wilkinsons (great place for Kilner jars/bottles and anything for preserving) and bought by bottles and muslin and need to steep my raspberries in red wine for the weekend before mixing with brandy steeped with vanilla and adding sugar. I am thinking this will make a nice version of Kir Royale for Christmas Day so cheers to raspberries!